Triumph Saloon Mk1 2.5 Pi LHD

This is my latest acquisition. It is a LHD Swiss car with manual overdrive gearbox, registered in Switzerland till  May 2nd 1984. Since 1984 the car was kept in dry storage. It looks like it’s in very original condition. The previous owner already started to restore the suspension, front and rear axle’s, steering and brakes. It has a folding back sunroof (presumably Webasto) and red leather seats, which makes this car even rarer.

This is exactly the kind of Triumph saloon, I wanted for so long and I am very proud of being the owner of one of those rare cars.

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The Mk1 Pi production lasted just 14 Month before the new Mk2 production took over. Only 6,519 Mk1 Pi saloons were build in total, incl. LHD cars. The estate cars are even rarer, with only 223 units build.

More pictures will follow, as soon as further work is carried out


Update January 2017:

The cylinder head is now removed from the block. Cylinder bores are still at std. size 74.7. The engine will get a re-bore and new pistons (probably forged pistons) and H-beam rods. Plan is to stay close to the original spec., but with some mods to the cylinder head and maybe a slightly different cam. Engine with gearbox will be taken out of the car in the next days hopefully.



Update March 2017:

Engine and gearbox removed together with a friend. Thanks Jörg! Dismantled the engine and everything looks quite good. Bearings and pistons all untouched in standard size. Crank journals, camshaft and cam followers all look ok. The speedo shows 47.000 km, which seems a bit low for the overall condition of the car, but the condition of the engine doesn’t look like 147.000 km. Cylinder bores needs to be checked for roundness / cylindricity and pistons for ring groove sizes. If everything is still within spec, I will reuse the pistons with new Grant or Deves rings and just hone the bores. The camshaft will be changed to TR6 CP spec. or something similar.



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